2006 Mac Pro Broken GPU Power Connector?


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Nov 28, 2009
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Hi there,

I thought today I would lease some life into my old 2006 Mac Pro 1,1. I managed to get El-Captian installed and I also just purchased an ATI 4870 GPU, which comes later on next week. This is replacing the very dated 7300 GT card the Mac Pro originally came with. However, I just opened up my Mac Pro and noticed that it looks like one of the black PCI-e socket clips, which would normally hold one of the two GPU power connectors in place appears to be missing.

I've never installed or upgraded the graphics card in this machine, so it seems quite likely that it might have been like this from the factory when it was brand new and I simply never noticed.

The pins thankfully aren't damaged in anyway, is there any kind of material I can use safely to fix/bond/attach the secondary power connector to the pins on the motherboard? I assume as long as the pins make contact and that they are the correct way round that this will be okay?

Another question is, can the 4870 power with just one 6 pin connector if there isn't a way to get the secondary six pin PCI-e to fit properly?

Heres a picture of what I found belo. It is a real shame, i just wish id have noticed it sooner.



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Jan 12, 2014
QUOTE="macnerd93, post: 23769669, member: 386302"]Why? I only wanted some assistance to find out if there is any alternatives or decent methods to get the the card connected.[/QUOTE]

I asked to delete my post because I was wrong :). First I didn't realize carpsafari mentioned a special cable with only one Mini-6 pin to two 6 pin. I thought he mentioned two normal Mini-6-pin to 6 pin cables.

I would try to connect and fix a normal mini six pin cable to the lower board connector, maybe it works. The metal pins are there:
pins.png [
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Apr 11, 2015
there are some 4870's that only use one cable! but the pins are still there it you connect it right it might still work use caution.
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