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    Aug 11, 2013
    Hey Guys

    I have an old 2006 MacBook with a fried logic board, and I am set on the idea of turning it into a raspberry pibook.

    I have stripped out the contents an sorted out a way to convert the trackpad and keyboard to USB, but the monitor has a strange connection to the motherboard.

    The monitors connection has 6 connections, followed by a gap, followed by 18 more connections(picture attached). It is the end of a circuit connected to the monitor by three cables. Does anyone know what the connection is an how I would be able to use it? Can it straight up wire to dvi? Or what other steps would be required?



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    Feb 4, 2006
    That is the wireless card (Airport) ??????

    Nothing to do with the monitor

    The monitor cables are wrapped around the right-hand hinge......

    Good luck in finding a suitable connector to connect it to.

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