2006 Macbook Screen Replacement, Which ones best?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by chris5252, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. chris5252 macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2010

    I need to replace the broken screen on a late 2006 Black Macbook (Bought it with a broken screen) The thing is I do not know which screen to buy. It would appear that the Macbook was sold with various different screens.

    I was just wondering which one was the best? I heard that the Samsung one was terrible. I think the others were LG Philips and AUO, there could have been others Im not sure. As I am replacing it I want to get the best one.
  2. cheeryble macrumors regular

    Feb 1, 2008
    Watching closely Chris
    I'm in Thailand and my Blackbook dates back I believe to a June or July 2006 build similar to yours and as I need it Fedexed to Chiangmai I came up with

    http://www.lcdscreen.com/ppc-series-macbook lcd.htm?gclid=COK_7ffw9J8CFcxR6wod6XUUYg#screen2

    which gives two choices

    Macbook MB881LL/A Apple 13.3 inch WXGA 1 CCFL Notebook Display for $59.00


    MacBook Apple 13.3 inch WXGA 1 CCFL Notebook Display for $59.00

    From initial research it looks like the first one with MB on the number started later than ours. The question is is the second one OK? Also wondering about what you say about Samsung...

    I am emailing right now but 1pm here late night in US so may have to wait for a reply.
    I'd like all possible input anyway so would be interested what anyone has to say...

    cheers Cheeryble

    ps also found this I sort of stepped half on my macbook towards the side and thats exactly where the black/white marks are (with extended lines over the rest of the bottom 2/3 of the screen, top OK) so was assuming it's just a busted screen but better to be aware of the possibilities:

    Advice on purchasing replacement displays for notebooks:

    Diagnosis / Recommendations
    Do I need a new display? Perhaps. Is it:

    Cracked? A cracked display cannot be repaired and requires the purchase of a new display.

    Dim / Black? A dim display is either the result of 1) a faulty inverter which is a separate piece from the display or 2) a burned out backlight which is part of the display. In the majority of instances, the inverter is the cause of the problem and not the backlight as most people tend to assume and therefore does not require the purchase of a display.

    Lines? A display with lines may be caused by either 1) the video card or 2) the display. In the majority of instances, the display is the cause for lines and therefore requires the purchase of a display.

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