2007 Macbook C2D ** Help buying compatible fan and 2.5" HDD

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by patent10021, Aug 12, 2010.

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    I have a 2007 Macbook C2D and I'm wondering what fan brands and 2.5" HDD brands are compatible.

    I'm assuming any 2.5" SATA HDDs are ok? Current HDD is Toshiba MK8034GSX HDD2D38 SN/Z65ST100T. Are the Play Station 3 HDDs the same? What are normal prices for 500GB? Are 500GB even compatible with these Macbooks? Size doesn't matter?

    I need a new fan because it's totally worn out and noisy. Model is the typical Sunon Maglev GB0506PGV1-A fan. It's a bit difficult to find them online from Japan here so I'm wondering if I can use any brand as long as it is the right size and power output etc. How do I know what size to search for and what brands are whisper quiet and long lasting?

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Unfortunately, I can only help you with the HDD
    Any sata 2.5" hdd will work as long as its 9.5mm!!! (which is usually a 2 platter array) some harddrives typically those above 500Gb are 12.5mm and won't fit in your mac. As far as I knwo your computer should be fine with 500gb. One recommendation is really do your research on hard drives. I bought mine going only off manufactures specs, but after reading reviews and real world tests I became very wary. So really do some research.
    If you were considering a 7200rpm drive, from what I read, they are FAR more prone to failure than a 5400rpm

    I'd recommend western Digital scorpio blue, they are decently fast and are very light on power consumption. I will also point you through this thread when you do get a new HDD
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    ...try checking ifixit.com and see if they have any video on replacing the fan and any specs...

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