2007 MBP Grey Screen Freeze

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by desantim, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Oct 23, 2012
    Hello All - I've been reading around and seeing a lot of posts regarding Grey Screens with Apple logos, but wanted to see if there are any glaring things I've missed.

    First, I have an A1226 Macbook Pro (2006). The laptop was working fine up to about a month ago. It crashed due to a heat a month or so ago, the other day it flashed the screen a couple times while logged in, similar to a light strobing, and it just hard froze. Hit the power button and restarted it and it was working fine. Happened again the other day, and this time, it refused to boot back into the OS.

    Basically right now it sits at the Grey Apple logo upon boot, it starts reading from the hard drive, the wheel comes up and spins and then it hangs right when the OS GUI should pop up (login screen).

    This is the screen it freezes at no matter what boot method I choose -


    I've done quite a bit of trial and error, removed the ram piece of piece, all seemed to be fine, screen seems to be fine loads the apple logo with no artifacting, tested the hard drive, the laptop gets into target mode fine and allowed me to pull all info off the drive with my iMac, I formatted the hard drive and loaded up another version of OS X, clean and clear, still no go on booting, it loaded to the same point with a fresh install and hung at the logo and spinning wheel. I tried disconnecting the hard drive and booting from a USB drive with the OS X installer on it, no go, same thing, loads grey screen freezes at logo and wheel. Tried another external hard drive and with FW800 and same thing, grey apple logo and wheel froze after loading.

    I'm at my whits end with what could be wrong, Hard drive is fine, Ram seems to be fine, Graphics seem to be fine, battery is fine, all power seems to be fine, keyboard is working fine as I can boot up and get into the options boot menu for different sources, so keyboard is functioning on boot, with target mode working, it seems the part of the logic board is fine.

    I've cleared SMC, NVRAM, etc etc. Everything I could think of.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!
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    Oct 23, 2012
    Ouch... I was hoping someone would have something lol. Guess it was time for the old lady to be laid to rest.


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