2008 BlackBook Three Beeps plus Freezes when flexed.


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May 13, 2009
I think my BlackBook finally died sort of. The computer won't turn on and gives me the three-beeps that usually means the logic board is messed up or whatever it was. It happened before, I replaced the logic board, and everything was good.

This time, I got the unit to turn on, but when the case is shifted or creaked there is some vertical distortion in the LCD screen accompanied by a system freeze. This happened two minutes in when I remembered to check.

I have gotten it to boot 3 out of 20 times so far. When it does boot is it usable until you move it so that the innards wiggle. I just took it apart and visually verified that all of the connections are connected. I do not know what the problem is or even what to really google for.

I do get the three beeps after POST or whatever, before anything loads.

I just put it on the table and it made the booting sound, the screen is flickering with horizontal bars and vertical green bars.

Twisting diagonally with the left side raised and the right front corner tilted downward fixes the screen but does not change the boot process, it is stuck here.

Booting it twisted I also hear the right speaker make a crunching noise really quick, and another try made the last half second of the apple boot noise loop.

If I do this it runs fine. When I pull the iPhone it gets some crazy screen distortion and when I put it back it is already frozen.

It can't be the logic board because the computer works fine, it remains powered, so could it be the video card? Is that on a daughter board or something?


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Feb 4, 2006
My guess would be the GPU - soldered onto the main logic board - soldered with lead-free solder - may be worth a try to get it recalled (with proper lead solder !!)

Look on eBay and see if you can find somewhere not too expensive......