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Discussion in 'macOS' started by redAPPLE, Mar 5, 2008.

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    i would like to ask how the consensus is with FileVault in 2008.

    we have had FileVault for years now. it is an app that is worth checking out (= using)? is it safe to use (in 2008) after initial problems in the beginning?

    i have read that FileVault has a problem in regards to TimeMachine. is there an official "workaround" how to make both work correctly?
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    Filevault is the source of many problems and I personally don't recommend using it, especially if you have to work around an issue to backup.

    I use encrypted disk images to store my sensitive data. Although I don't use Time Machine so can't comment how well it works there but I imagine it copies the entire disk image each time it is changed. I copy teh encrypted disk images to an external drive to back them up.
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    Feb 29, 2008
    I used to use FileVault back with Tiger, and honestly can not say that I had any major problems with it. I did notice a slight degradation in speed, and every once in awhile I would be prompted to compact my home folder when logging out. Please note, however, that my home folder also contained my virtual disks for Parallels so it was incredibly large.

    When I upgraded to Leopard, I had to choose between FileVault or Time Machine. Initially I had tried using both, but for any change that I made in my home folder, Time Machine would need to back up the entire encrypted folder to add even a minor change to a file. Right now I am using only Time Machine as my laptop is never left unattended and I figure the risk of me loosing something important is greater than the risk of someone stealing my computer.

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