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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by DmbShn41, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Have a Macbook 5,1 that needs a new HD, current one is missing...Looking at SSD, specifically around 120GB. I've considered my spacial needs, and that fits fine. I have plenty of external storage, NAS style, so I can reach it anywhere. Has anyone tried the OWC Mercury 6G? I'm thinking those look like good specs, but the Crucial M500 is matching specs, but a little cheaper. I'm trying to keep this to a reasonable price as I'm splurging on the 8GB RAM upgrade.

    The OWC has a 500mb+ read/write spec, which I understand is theoretical max, but the Crucial only lists a 500mb read/130mb write. Is the OWC overstating or is Crucial being realistic?

    Samsung and Intel occasionally pop up on deals sites. Whats the best bang for you buck, performance SSD that I can get the most out of with out having to drop $10 or more/GB?

  2. rapicell macrumors regular

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    you won't get 500mb reads with a 2008 because of the SATA II connection. An SSD will certainly make a differences regardless. Most big named SSDs will perform similarly, so it's all about your budget
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    I have a few SSD's I've used in Late '08 MacBooks. The only one that reliably gets full speed is the OWC Mercury 3G. It's a SATA II SSD and works at full speed in the '08 models (Including the optical bay).

    I've got 2 Kingston SSDNow V300's and one worked at SATA II where the other would only run at SATA I. They are a hit or a miss with a 6G SSD when using the Nvidia controller the '08 models have. I would recommend the OWC 3G in my opinion. I've since moved to a 2010 model and it's working great in it too. It's got 3,000 hours and over 5TB of writes on it thus far, runs like a champ. It won't be the cheapest option, but for the sake of compatibility and reliability, I love it.

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