2009 macbook pro booting and random freezingand

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    2009 13.3 inch macbook pro running 10.6.8 is suffering from really slow boots, and then random freezing when in normal mode, its fine in safe mode.

    Its been running fine up until 3 days ago.
    i used it on the plane to watch a video, after which i paused the vid and shut the lid(standby)

    after going through baggage claim and recheck (different airlines), i had a 5 hour layover, when i open my screen I didnt see anything, even after tapping the mousepad/enter key/power button. I powered it off, then upon booting, it sat on the grey apple screen with the spinning wheel for a little while then came to a solid grey screen. after a little bit it changed to a solid light blue screen. I restarted into safemode by holding shift and it loaded properly. but i couldnt use usb drives or camera/sound...

    the only thing that was different about the computer is that the night before i bought a seagate goflex 500gb external harddrive and since its ntfs it had drivers to install to write, but i already had macfuse and parallels installed so i figured it might be the issue..

    I have uninstalled sierra wireless, and parallels, but the problem remains.

    any ideas on what might be the problem? i have tried safe mode and verbose mode.

    here is a crash file for finder.
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