2009 Macpro Dual Cpu Tray Swap

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ggoerl, Aug 11, 2014.

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    So I have done some googling and didn't think of this before but prior to this idea I was just interested in purchasing a 2009 dual processor model and doing a cpu upgrade but geez the used market prices hasn't really dropped on these machines at all over the past year they've remained pretty stable as they're roughly $1,200 in which I was hoping to swoop one up for a cool $800 but that doesn't seem likely but anyways I was just thinking of purchasing a single cpu model and swapping out the daughterboard. As I said I did my fair share of googling and from the majority of stuff I've read it appears that it is possible and has been done by others with no problems reported. Others stated to make sure the smc firmware is the same. So I was just looking for further confirmation as if it is truly is possible I could pick up a single cpu 09 for pretty cheap then and swap the daughterboard no? But thus leads to my problem of even finding a dual cpu tray as it seems the only ones on ebay are fully upgraded or services willing to upgrade your tray. Does anyone know of any places that sell the dual cpu trays that hasn't been upgraded? And if so what is a fair price to pay?
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    You can do that, but most likely end up you have to pay more than just get a dual CPU Mac Pro 4,1.

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