2009 MP Memory Loadout

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by peskaa, Jan 21, 2010.

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    So, after dabbling with the new i7 iMac and getting my hands burned, I've convinced Apple to send me a nice new Mac Pro instead. However, I used to own a 2008 Octo, so the Quad is a bit of a new beast to me.

    In terms of RAM, Apple are shipping it with 3x2GB sticks (totalling 6GB). I'm aware that triple channel has an impact on performance with Nehalem parts, but 6GB probably won't last me that long. Would putting another 2GB in my last slot to total 8GB be a good move, although I would lose some performance going from triple to dual channel?

    The long term plan is 3x4GB, but prices are a little high right now for that kind of thing.

    Finally, anything else to be aware of on the 2009 Quads? Shipping machine is a 2.93, 6GB, 4870, AirPort/BT, 640GB HDD (I have a 1TB WD Black waiting to go in).
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    4x 2GB is ok and you are not too likely to recognize the bandwidth loss on most programs.

    Another nice option is 2x 4GB + 2x 2GB in slots 1, 2 + 3, 4. That way you still fill all three channels with the same amount of memory and you only retire one 2GB stick for a total capacity of 12 GB.

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