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    Hello, this is my first time posting on the forum and was just curious if anyone could help. I have searched the forum but it appears everyone was able to fix the problem. I recently have tried replacing the hard drive with an SSD in the iMac. Unfortunately during the reinstallation of the screen I screwed up inserting the display cable that connects the display into the motherboard bending the pins. I ordered a new cable and upon installation the screen was still black. I thought maybe the cable arrived DOA, so I ordered another.

    Upon the installation of the second cable the screen still has no sign of life. I have triple checked all connections and have tried several times making sure all connections are secure. The machine boots, chimes and the fans spin but no sign of life on the display. I have purchased a mini display port to hdmi to check if an external display would show an image and it does.

    Upon checking the diagnostic lights three out of the four turn on which means the mother and the display are not communicating.

    I’m just wondering if anyone could help me with any other solutions, could a different cable such as the “v-sync” or the other small connections near the top of the display cause an error like this? I’m pretty lost and am unsure why it doesn’t work. My best guess is I’ve damaged something else in the process.

    I’ve shined a flashlight into the display and there is no image there either (possible backlight issue).

    The SSD is blank and I have reinstalled the original hard drive thinking maybe there is some kind of driver that might be missing?? But even the original doesn’t bring the display to life.

    I’m pretty much have given up and am disappointed with having an all in one with a dead display lol, would appreciate any insight and thanks in advance!
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    Such are the hazards of trying to do it yourself.

    My opinion:
    Cut your losses.
    Take the SSD back out, put the iMac into the closet, and look for something newer.
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    Ok well I’m just a college student, thought it would be a cool project but thanks for the input I guess.
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    Around here (Silicon Valley) expect to pay $75 to someone who can tear it apart, see what you did wrong and put it back together or diagnose and give an estimate. While at it, replace the NVRAM battery on the back of the motherboard with a CR2032. If it's dead, this will cause the exact problem you describe.

    Speaking of which, did you reset the NV RAM (PRAM on a PPC)?

    It's too late for this but you probably tried to force a connector or two backwards. Really easy to do and easy to avoid by taking some white-out and marking one side of each connector so that it's obvious how to reconnect.

    Unfortunately, the iFixIt and Stew-Mac directions include removing the screen—absolutely unnecessary for doing the SSD install on a pre-2012 iMac. You only have to remove the microphone connector from the motherboard to lift the top of the screen up enough to give you all the room you need to make the swap. That mic connector is also small but I can see it well enough that I don't mark it.
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    You could always buy a cheap used external display off of eBay or Craig’s List.

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