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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by nutritious, Feb 17, 2014.

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    I have an 8 core Mac Pro. Looking to upgrade from the 5770. I did try to do some of my own research, but I'm still not sure about the best option.

    I have two apple ACDs with mini-display ports. I'm not sure not what converter to use in case a GPU I chose does not have two mini-display ports.

    I want the best card I can buy with a budget of $700. I was looking into the 7950 but isn't plausible AMD will release the 280 or 290 for the Mac in the near future? That is what is holding me off.

    Say I get a 780 Ti, will it work without an external PSU? I am not interested in an external PSU. It can pull 250 watts and I believe the Mac Pro recommends 220w or lower.

    Should I go with a 7950 or hold off for a mac version of the 280 or 290?
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    I recommend a GTX770 or 760 both have plenty more grunt than a 5770 and come in at well under $700 even if you have to buy adapters for the mDPs.


    HD 5870 mac cards run to 228w so a 230w 770 isn't going to fry anything or need an external PSU.
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    AMD R9 280x = 7970 = D700

    Same chip, same device id, same drivers

    no new magic coming from R9 280X that you can't get in a 7970.

    780Ti is better card, in about an hour a new fastest GPU will be released, Titan Black.
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    You'll be the first member to buy one on this forum with Tutor no doubt close behind :D

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