2010 Macbook Air 3D SBS playback via miniDP-HDMI cable?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by prvt.donut, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Jan 1, 2008

    I am on a quest to get SBS (side by side) 1080p 3D movies playing through my Bravia LX900 TV.

    It seems the TV only allows SBS 3D to be enabled for devices connected via HDMI (from direct USB, DLNA and VGA sources the option is disabled).

    So I am wondering if I can get a mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable will allow this???

    Any one else doing this?

    Otherwise it'll be get an Apple TV2 or some other HDMI media box player.
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    Jan 1, 2008
    Well, this forum was a lot of help!;)

    As being as there is nothing about doing this online, and i doubt I will be the last... Here are my (long-winded) results.

    I happened to be traveling near Akihabara today and decided to take a little detour to get a cable. I detest those MiniDisplayPort-HDMI adapters Apple sell (I know they do it because it can't be certified HDMI if one end is not HDMI, hence the solution for them is to make an adapter that allows the use of a HDMI cable) but may zombie Jesus bless those Chinese companies for not giving an F about that and they just churn those cables out like they never heard the word litigation (actually, that is probably true).

    I bought a pretty generic looking MiniDisplayPort to HDMI cable with 2M of stringy stuff in-between. The Box says it is Thunderbolt compatible too, not sure how though, I guess they just don't want to alienate the noobs who need their ports to have names like Thunderbolt or Firewire because IEEE1934 is too scary. The company name is 株式会社ミヨシ and the model number on the packaging is DPC-HD01/WH (Their website doesn't list it as a product they sell, so don't waste time Googling it. It's pretty standard, one side is HDMI that can plug into the TV and the other is MiniDisplayPort that goes into the Mac).

    So, now I finally got home after my trip into the wilds of Chiba (cho inaka, I could see more sky than building:eek:). I have a few SBS 3D files downloaded already that I had been trying to play (Sports Illustrated 3D Swimsuit special, it happened to be the smallest SBS file I could find to DL! Honestly!), so I just plugged it in, loaded up a file into VLC and flipped on the TV's SBS 3D mode and WHAM! Bikini models were floating around the void between the Hawaiian heaven filling the TV screen and the nightmarish chasm that is my Living room.

    One little glitch is that there was no sound, but a quick trip into the System Preferences found that there was now an option to select the Sony Bravia TV as the output Speaker of choice.

    So there you have it! If you have a 3D TV, and want an easy and quick way to play other people's 3D Blu-Ray backups you downloaded from completely legal torrent linking sites, then go buy a MiniDisplayPort-HMDI cable and enjoy all the 3D you could ever ask for. I read that SBS 3D wasn't good quality, but the 3D effect works great and the quality is good too!:cool:

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