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Apr 12, 2008
Okay I've got a 2010 MBA and the resume timings are getting annoying. If I put it to sleep and resume it shortly after (within 5 minutes), it resumes very very quickly. But lets say I put it to sleep for about 24 hours, it'll take an extremely long time before it resumes fully.

Sure, my screen lights up and displays what was on it within 3 seconds, however it ends up lagging a lot and takes about 20 - 30 seconds before it completely stops lagging. I find this extremely annoying because while my 2008 MBP has a stock HDD and takes 6 - 7 seconds to resume, it doesn't have this annoying "lagging" period.

Just wanna check, do other people face this problem too? Also, are there any solutions for it? Thanks.
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