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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Caulin, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Caulin macrumors newbie

    Jan 27, 2014
    Hello, my friend has a 2010 13" macbook pro. He wanted windows 7 installed using bootcamp so i tried to help him out. The first error we got was that boot camp could not partition his disk. We verified the disc and it seemed fine. So he went and bought a external hhd to back his computer up to(he never backed it up before that, stupid). after that we reinstalled macs os and restored his computer. We then used bootcamp to install windows 7 on a second partition. But something is wrong. He has a lot of videos on his mac partition that was taking a lot of space so he deleted them all, but when he goes into macinfo and checks the storage it still shows that he has a bunch of videos that he in fact deleted. Also, we both play a windows game which is why he wanted windows 7. The game lags very bad on his computer ansi started task manager to see what was bottlenecking and found his cpu usage up to 100% while the game was on. This is also not right because he used to play the game using crossover and the game performed better then than it does now which shouldn't be happening. He is now running a native windows 7 os which should play the game better than using a VM. So whats going on with his computer? What can i do to fix it? Is his backup corrupt or is it something else? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Alright, big wall of text, but I'll try to decipher it.

    It probably wasn't being resized the first time around due to a file not being able to be moved from the end of the partition. The wipe and restore fixed that.

    The space not being shown as free is probably time machines local backup feature. You can turn if off by typing "sudo tmutil disable local" in Terminal. And then you could also verify the disk through the recovery partition to make sure it's all good.

    As long as you've got enough space for Windows and as it's partitioned, the rest shouldn't matter as it can't be resized later on (easily anyway).

    Now here's my question. Is this a 13" or 15" MBP. The 13" has an integrated Nvidia GeForce 320m where the 15" has a dedicated 330m that is going to be better off in games. Along with that, are the Nvidia drivers all installed and up to date? I would install Apple's Boot Camp drivers, then head to Nvidia's site and install the updated ones. Should improve the performance.

    Lastly, what game is it that is lagging? I don't play a whole lot, but I just came from an '08 MB with a 9400m to this 2010 with the 330m and it's a big jump, but it will still struggle on higher settings with newer games.
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    Jan 27, 2014
    Im not sure how to update drivers with bootcamp. I tried to update my nvidia driver on my 2013 rMBP and it didn't work. The screen flashed black. He has the 13" MBP. The game is called MXSimulator. Im just confused how the game ran smooth using a Virtual machine and now it runs worse.

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