2011 11" is awesome! My thoughts + Video

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by adamtj11, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. adamtj11, Jul 29, 2011
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    For me the screen is like twice the quality of the 2010 macbook pro the air i just bought has replaced. Its crisp, clearer and I think widescreen works really well. Obviously I think they could actually stretch the screen out a little bit more or making the actual air smaller but then the keyboard wouldn't feel so nice to type on and it would be a little bit cramped. It was fast enough to run my 1680*1050 samsung display which I usually use a Mac Mini with but this computer is making me wonder if I need the Mac Mini any more especially with the monitor and external HD ready to plug in when I need it on my desk.

    Anyone else notice how the keys on this model are MUCH nicer to type on than the previous generation and even Macbook Pros? The keys are feel much sturdier underneath your fingers!

    The thing that impresses me the most is the speed of this little guy, it literally speeds. Opening 30 apps on this thing and it didn't slow down compared to the 2010 model which had a humongous freeze and I'm pretty sure it wanted to die , I had to restart the machine to get it back to life. It is definitely much faster than my old 2010 Core 2 duo Macbook Pro, and it was no slouch.

    In windows 7 x64 service pack 1 in the experience index it managed t clock up a score of 5.8/7 which is very impressive for the size of the notebook. It couldn't be any easier now either to install Windows 7 as all it takes is an iso and a usb drive and your good to go with Windows 7

    It has run Bioshock on full settings, Fifa 11 on full and games like N.O.V.A 2 from the Mac App store on full settings and played reasonably well, although I wouldn't use this machine as a main game machine (I have a xbox for that). Im going to try Call Of Duty Black Ops later and ill post up a video about its performance(and one for Bioshock).

    The one comedown for me so far is the battery life but its not that bad. For casual web browsing you get a solid 4 hours with high brightness and backlit keyboard, and if you turn the screen light and backlit keys off you can achieve past 5 hours at least.

    It boots up in about 15 seconds from cold which at least on the 2010 and 2011 MacBook Airs I have, the 2011 one is slightly faster at booting up.

    The speakers are actually much better than I thought they would be they are crisp sounding and good enough for Youtube video and the likes.

    Overall I LOVE this Mac, this is my 6th or 7th Mac, and so far after 3 days this seems to be the one I enjoy using the most, due to the portability and power combination, great for carrying on a 30 minute train journey every morning to college! Really happy with my purchase.

    Here is a video of Bioshock running on my MBA:
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    Liked this mini review, interesting that you say fifa runs well on it. Although with keybaord and mouse this would be hard.

    Interesting to see (if you play it) how FM2011 runs compared to the 2010 mba? its quite aprocessor intensive game so I think the 2011 would run it much better.

    Look forward to the cod video. Although Ive heard that black ops on the pc is terrible, and youll get bad performance regardless of the machine.
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    Thanks! and yeah Fifa runs pretty well on it, obviously its crap with the keyboard but I just wanted to test it to see how smooth it ran, you can use the xbox control if you really wanted to play Fifa on it. I'd say Football Manager would run with no problem , even the 3d engine would run fine. I heard it didn't run well online so I'm gonna try it in single player and see how it runs that way.
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    Great review! you make me excited to get one as well.

    My only thoughts are, you didn't mention which air model/configuration

    11in 13in 128 or 256GB samsung or toshiba SSD, i5 or i7.

    That would be great to know as well.
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    Feb 26, 2011

    Actually I mentioned in the title of the post it was a 11" model. ;)

    Its the base $999 version or €979 model here in Ireland, the 2GB of ram with the core 2 duo when i tried the 2010 model in my house was fine, so I just went with that(knowing id have 14 days to return if it wasn't enough) I'm sure for other peoples needs its not but I've tried most things and this handles it all. I got a Samsung SSD, and the Samsung display which when beside the 2010 model is much brighter, crisper and sharper(The 2010 model was a strange make of display) Im really happy with the purchase wouldn't swap it, considering I sold a 2010 13" MBP which was twice as heavy, crap screen resolution and only about half as fast and got one of these and it cost me nothing! So I'm very happy :D

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