2011 13" MBA Sleep and WiFi Issues

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by dmk1974, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2008
    My wife told me that her 2011 13” MacBook Air has been having issues for some time. They are:

    1. When trying to bring the laptop out of sleep mode, the screen often remains black. The laptop appears to be on since the backlit keyboard is illuminated. I tried to wake it with the trackpad, keys, and brightness keys, but no luck. The only remedy is to cold boot the laptop.
    2. If it does wake up correctly from sleep, the unit seems sticky. The dock animations are slow as well as stickiness in scrolling in Safari, Word, and Excel. The only remedy again is to reboot the machine and then it is fine until going to sleep.
    3. She also said that the wireless has been dropping at least once a day. Sometimes just in the middle of browsing, but sometimes when coming out of sleep mode. We have an Airport Extreme router and I have not had any issues like this with our other 2 Macs or the wireless PC in our house.

    I have tried a TimeMachine restore from an earlier date, restoring from my Mac’s TM backup, as well as a fresh Lion install and fresh profile creation and these 3 things have occurred in all of those restore methods. I can’t find any other options to correct these 3 issues. Any ideas? Or is a ½ hour trip to the Apple Store necessary to see if they can even fix it?

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