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Nov 15, 2011
Hi there,

Im new to this forum and I've been trying to hunt about to find an answer to my queries but to no avail.

I want to install an SSD and have noticed that i can do this alot easier with either optibay or something else on the market like it.

But, What sort of transfer speed would i get from using the optical port for SSD data transfer? Would it even be worth having an SSD in there?

Also, if i were to get a Sata III SSD would it be better to replace my normal HDD with that and install a large capacity 2.5'' HDD in an optibay? Im not sure whether or not the current primary HDD connections support Sata III or not.

Ive read that there can be problems installing windows when the primary drive is being recognised as the optical drive, so how easy is it to change my OSX over to an SSD after it has been installed?

Sorry for all the questions, Hopefully they're not the sort that are asked on a regular basis, if so then my research is terrible!




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Nov 16, 2011
Hey I'm in the same boat. Except I'm working with a MacBook pro 2011 early model. I bought a fenvi branded optibay hdd/SSD holder. Also bought a corsair force series 3 SSD that is Sata 3.

My problem is that I cannot get the SSD to be read, write or even formatted when it is installed in the optical bay slot(prior to installing lion) It works fine when I install it in the primary bay and move my hdd to my optical bay. Then things are smooth. My laptop has both ports as 6Gb/s ports and they are identical since i bought the laptop in October just a couple weeks before the second gen 2011 came out.

Anyone able to help me please guide me what im doing wrong. I'm currently in the process of installing lion fresh and then moving my files back via time machine. Yes I could hav cloned it but many many people have suggested to do a fresh install and then migrating files over and that is exactly what im doing. Once lion install complete and I restore via time machine I Will try to switch the drives back to see if I can have things working.......

Thanks in advance.


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Mar 17, 2012
QUOTe. 21.5 iMac late 2011 SSD Upgrade.

Hi there, i have placed a OCX Agility 3 under my rom drive in my 21.5 2011 iMac.
I purchased the SATA 3 cable and SATA Power cable both Apple cables from the
i plugged in the SATA Power cable into the iMac circuit board, its marked SSD Power and right behind it goes the SATA3 cable.

I reassembled my iMac and booted into my HDD where i had lion 10.7.3 and downloaded Carbon Copy Cloner free"google it "

I have made a point of naming my HDD SnowLeopard and my SSD iMac HDD to avoid permission issues which id experienced before hand..

You can call your drives anything you want to just as long as the names are different you'll be ok.

I the made a Copy of my HDD, Make sure you un tick your name in the Copy options.
When it was done i booted into my SSD 5 sec's wow, i the opened System Preferences and clicked on Users and Groups, unlocked and right click on your name and then click Search, go to your HDD and click your name and then it will want to re start.
When its booted back 5 sec you will have all your files and apps.

I won't ever want to go back to noisy HDD again that for sure.

I have just one little issue, When i try and run Check for Software Update it just get and a short way across and there it sits. Iv emptied the caches and done every thing mentioned in all the forums i could find about my update problem

If any of you guys have and suggestion id be very grateful !
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