2011 21.5 refurb model choice

Discussion in 'iMac' started by emgoodman, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Mar 18, 2011
    Computer mainly for son in HS and secondarily rest of family. We are an Apple household: 2 iphones, ipad, touch, TV. Budget is around $1000 but wanted less.

    I bought the baseline 21.5, 2.5, i5, 500HD, 6570 card for $979. My main concern was the graffic card, as while we do most of our gaming on the 360, would like to try at least the equivalent graphically and performance wise on the computer.

    This morning I see the refurb store has the 2.8, i7, 1GB, 6770 for $1229. Interestingly the 2.7, i5 is offered as well but for $20 more. So comparing the prices on those two models the i7 is a much better deal.

    We really don't need the faster processor or larger HD space for what we do at this time. Just occasional Handbreaking copying of our Bluerays. But was fearful I would regret the 6570m card.

    Will the 6570 more or less offer gaming on par with the XBOX? Or do I really need the 6770m. Is the $250 price for all those upgrades a good deal that I should take advantage of and perhaps increasing longevity enough to allow my son to get 4 good more HS years of use? Or would it be better to put toward a new one further down the road or perhaps an SSD upgrade on the baseline model? In any event I will upgrade whichever I get from 4 to at least 12GB RAM.
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    You don't list the types of games, but if you are considering first person shooters, neither. Of course most Xbox 360 games are 720p, so if you set your resolution on the iMac to equivalent you may get close to the same FPS but it won't "look" as good because you are sitting so much closer to an iMac than most people sit in front of large TVs hooked to the XBox.

    The i7 21.5" iMac refurb is a great deal IMO - I just bought one myself.
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    Mar 18, 2011
    Yes, mainly FPS and if you include Skyrim in that genre. There are a number of you tube vids showing FPSs being played on iMacs with both the 6570 and 6770 cards and they look just as good as the XBox (viewed on my Retina ipad). They do not always say what settings they are being played at. If at low to moderate, I can't fathom what high or ultra would look like. Its really difficult to get a feel for what to expect from reading forums/web pages. Some call the cards "crap" and state those type of games would be unplayable. I have also read that the console graphic cards are about 7 years behind. While the 6570 and 6770 are by no means high end, they are way above those in the XBOX/PS3.

    Your point about distance to the screen is an interesting one though.

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