2011 Air - camera & ambient sensor not working

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nebrot, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Hello, I just want to share some information and hopefully get some helpful input for the 2011 Air. It was purchased almost exactly 2 years ago. About 2 months ago I noticed that in the Login screen the backlit keyboard would stay dark. First after the login the keyboeard would go to its normal settings (3 dots). A few days later during skype i noticed the camera could not be operated, it said "no camera connected" which is kind of strange... I browse thsi forum and did several SMC & PRam reset, but without any success. Then another thread mentioned to check the system settings under "USB" there the camera should be - but mine wasn´t, so it was pretty much hardware related. I have to say I kept my Air most of the time at the desk, battery with only 106 cycles, the screenlid probably opened and closed less than 500 times during the 2 years, because most of the time I use iPad and iPhone, only "heavy" tasks are done on the Air.
    So since I moved back to China in July the camera is quite important for Facetime & skype. I wrote the German Apple Support - without getting any response. I went to the Applestore in Beijing, they said they could only open the bottomplate to check the connection, the screen has to be replaced completely in case it is a hardware issue. A call later the same day confirmed it.
    4500,- RMB (which is about 740 USD) for a new screen. Apple assumes the cable from the motherbord to the screen is broken, but the whole screen has to be replaced. No traces of wrong usage from my side have been found, but Apple said there was nothing the coudl do for me. Is this a premium product? Is this good service to replace a screen at the cost (due to high taxes I was told) of half of a new Mac Air? So they told me at Apple to either live with it or buy a USB-camera... Great... Anyone has similar experience maybe another tip for me what I could do? I guess I was just not lucky with my Air, but it is certainly not what I expect from a "premium"product just 2 years old. In fact I never heard of any laptop user who has broken the screen cable. It is the weak spot, when opening and closing a laptop, but 2 years is just too short time for it to break...
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    Sounds like Apple has identified the problem and offered two solutions. Fix it or live with it. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Yes Apple charges an arm and a leg for parts, no this kind of thing doesn't happen too often, however when it does the moral of the story is you should have bought applecare. If I were you I would use the ipad or iphone for skype or facetime since you said you have both of those and just forget about fixing it. Either that or sell your air and buy a new one, you can still get a good amount of money for it even with a faulty camera and it will be cheaper than repairing yours

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