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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by christophermdia, Jul 24, 2011.

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    I know there have been numerous battery threads but I wanted to see if this specific thing is happening to others....so I have charged up and let my battery die then charged up again, at least twice now....I find that my battery at first says 5-6 hours remaining or so, then drops to 4 after a couple hours, then after a few more hours goes down to about 3:50, levels at that until about 40% remaining or so then goes to 2 for a couple more hours, once I hit about 1:30 left I can last another 2 hours at least.....

    Does this battery need to learn a pattern or something? seems like I get at least or more than the 7 hours as advertised, but the distribution of time remaining is odd.....my 2010 MBA didn't seem as drastic as this, and I could always get it to start at like 11 hours remaining....
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    Time remaining is a poor way of displaying battery life as it is dependent on usage at the moment the time remaining is calculated. This has been explained over and over on these forums.
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    Takes a couple cycles of the battery to get more accurate.

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