2011 i5 21.5'' iMac freezing

Discussion in 'iMac' started by macnerd93, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Hello guys

    so I bought my iMac about three weeks ago now, its been an awesome machine thus far, the only thing of slight concern to me when I took it out of the box and began using it, was that the hard disk was relatively loud. It isn't massively loud kinda sounds like a stomach growling, but the machine has been performing fine. i assumed with it being a 7200RPM 3.5'' that it would most likely be slightly nosier to the drives i'm use to, after having a MacBook Pro as a main machine since summer '09.

    Anyways, couple of days ago I was typing out an email the machine totally locked up, then after like 30 seconds or so it kernel panicked and automatically rebooted. Its been fine since this morning when I was using the machine, just browsing safari and it locked up and did nothing, so I switched it off and it booted up fine, then about 2 hours later it did it again. The hard drive could still be heard crackling away whilst the iMac was locked up, but the entire system was unresponsive so I switched it off and had to head for Uni.

    When I bought the iMac I did run a few tests on the hard drive drive just to make sure it was healthy and it did results did come back that it was healthy. So I'm stumped.

    I'm glad I bought Apple care with it, but I really don't wanna send it back having this machine is crucial for my University dissertation planning as well as my statistical research in SPSS.

    is there anyway to run an Apple hardware test on this iMac as they no longer come with the grey installation disks.

    hope someone can give us some ideas. I'm most likely reckoning a failing hard drive to be honest though.


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    Aug 8, 2012
    Being a new iMac user I'm curious to see how you solve this. Mine also has the stomach growl sound but not overpowering; I assume that's normal.

    Bump up until someone else comes by w/ a solution.
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    Sep 6, 2010

    KP in a new machine? Uh oh, take it to the apple store

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