2011 iMac black level question (with pics)

Discussion in 'iMac' started by rurouni, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've just changed my old white iMac 24" (screen spoilt) with a new 2011 iMac 27" and I'm wondering if the black levels I'm seeing are currently par for the course for LCD displays?

    In a dark room (no lights) and no external light sources my screen (at my brightness level of ard 1/5th of the slider) the screen appears slightly greyish all around. With a little bit more light leakage on the bottom right.

    A replacement is an option but I don't want to do one if they are all generally of the same level as this screen. I don't think its also possible to get a 'perfect' LCD at this point of time.

    Have attached some pics showing the grey effect at 1/5th brightness, zero brightness and max brightness for comparison. I've tried to match the photo settings closest to what it looks like with the naked eye so none of the levels were exaggerated. I have to note that even when the brightness is set to zero, the screen still looks greyish.

    Appreciate the help if any!

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    I have similar "problem" on my 2011 imac. I think this is course by the LED (edge?) back light, there rally is not much you can do, since a replacement could be a bit better or a bit worse.

    I wish Apple used CCFL backlight like the Dell U2711 monitor, then we would not have this problem.

    For every day use and watch moives in the dark, I found the imac screen is fine.
  3. rurouni thread starter Guest

    Thanks, any other guys with the 27" iMac and a similiar 'issue'?
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    Keep in mind that flat panels are based on constantly generating light and using whatever technique to block it as the flavor of the day. Want a better black level? Get a CRT monitor.

    Yes, for the convenience, the world setting on an inferior display technology when talking about black levels. I would love to have had an SED/FED-based flat-panel screen, but that technology got trounced by business types and not by the consumers that would have drooled over them.

    Maybe OLED will help, but that is constantly delayed.

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