2011 MacBook Air 13" Question

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Wicked1, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Ok so I ordered one of the last available 2011 13" MBA with the 1.7, 4GB and 256GB.

    I am coming from a MBP 15" and uMB 13" so I think the Air is a good choice, since I no longer need all those ports and Superdrive.

    How easy is it to install Windows 7 on a Boot Camp partition, I need to have a small partition for Windows 7 (which I had to buy bc new systems do no support Vista or XP which I already own, Argh)

    Also besides the OWC 480GB SSD that they make for the 2011 MBA, is there another vendor who makes a larger drive? because $1,200 for 480GB is not worth it, but if I had to pay a little more for say a 750GB it might be.

    I can carry around an external 1.5TB drive, but I prefer not to as I need 600GB internally and then I am ok.
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    YMMV but installing windows 7 on Boot Camp deemed a very simple a quick (compared to an XP instal on a MBP or PC) process for me. I also installed W7 through parallels and it was a breeze.

    Yeah, I doubt you will see that slim of a form factor for a large SSD with any reasonable price for a while. They make very slim external HD that work great, although I do acknowledge that is not optimal.

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