2011 macbook pro 13 vs 15

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by tim100, Mar 12, 2011.

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    I can definitely tell you that I've got no heat, noise or battery issues on my 13", and I didn't on my old 15" (but that's not really the question lol).

    CPU runs normally in mine although that seems to be hit-and-miss with Apple. Noise will somewhat depend on which drive you have--in theory a 7200rpm will be louder than a 5400rpm (although I've never really noticed much about the 7200), and a SSD will be silent.

    Battery life is listed as being the same for both models.
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    Heat is a bigger problem on the 15" MBP. Then again, when you're running the processor and graphics through its paces by using intensive 3D design software and/or high-end games (w/ maxed out graphics settings) that tends to happen fairly often. Of course, my previous 13" MBP could never run the games and software that I'm running now on my new 15" MBP.

    Noise kind of depends on the situation. If you're playing games on the 15" MBP that push the hardware, but immerse you in the experience, then you may not notice. But, if you're running design or video editing software with a lot of HD rendering then you'll probably notice. Or course if you're doing nothing but word processing on either the 13" or the 15" then there definitely isn't a difference.

    Last, but not least. Battery life will also depend on the situation. Since the hardware on the 13" is not as capable as the 15" then you'll never be able to truly push it as hard (and therefore consume as much power) as you will on the latter machine. But again, if both machines are doing something as simple as word processing, web surfing, or watching a movie, I've seen them both get about the same battery life (provided the high end graphics are never used on the 15").
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