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Dec 27, 2016
Oops, I meant to say 2013 MacBook Pro, not 2011. Sorry!!

I'm looking to purchase this 2013 MacBook pro with 16 GB RAM I7 2.7 ghz and 500 GB SSD.

I'm primarily buying this laptop for 4K video editing, and I'll be rendering very large videos, (as much as 50-100 GB).

It has INTEL HD GRAPHICS 4000 WITH 1GB VRAM NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 650M GRAPHICS WITH 1GB VRAM, so I'm wondering if that will work well for large video rendering?

I'm also going to purchase a 1 year warranty.

Thanks everyone for the help.
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Mar 21, 2014
TL;DR: IMHO, no. I use two 15" rMBPs, both with dGPUs - a mid-2012 and late-2013.

That ad is for a mid-2012 model, a nice machine for middling use. The tip-off that it's the mid-2012 model is the 650M dGPU - the late-2013 unit switched to a 750M dGPU. The more significant difference is the SSD - SATA in the mid-2012 and PCIe in the late-2013. Minor differences between the two models is the wifi (if that matters) - the late-2013 adds AC, and the later unit has a larger battery.

The 650M can't drive a display at 4k AFAIK - it won't drive my Dell P2715Q or BenQ PL2711U displays at 4k. The 750M (with more VRAM) can drive 2 4k displays @60Hz simultaneously - I've done it, and I think that I'm the first member in these forums that discovered this capability.

Compare them for yourself:

You'll also note that the newer rMBP also retailed for a few hundred dollars less - IMHO that latter unit drove down the price of the former unit and the newer unit is a far better "deal". I only use my mid-2012 as a back up for my small company. Cheers, and welcome to MR Forums...


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Mar 21, 2014
IMHO, again, a pass - it, too has a 650M GPU and SATA SSD. The 750M has far more power over the 650M than one would think by just a slightly-different number. The PCIe SSD in my newer Mac absofrickinlutely blows away the SATA drive in my older rMBP. Keep in mind that Apple creates its own controllers - its PCIe SSD controllers blow away most of its competitors IMHO. If there's a 650M in the description - pass, even if I was selling mine I'd tell you to pass on it if you were looking for a performance machine.

A tip? Give up on eBay. Cruise the website - it's got ties into Apple's own refurbs and authorized resellers. Also, check out AppleInsider's product portal - again, links to promos and great deals, even on older Macs. I've used both - no links from me, so no worries about affiliate bias on my end - I bought my new mid-2012 unit from MacMall through AI, and my refurb late-2013 unit from Apple via the web portal (which was a front-end for Apple's own portal until recently). Both rMBPs are running perfectly, as is my current 2012 quad-core i7 Mini Server (also through the web portal).

A nice bonus of the portal is you can set up notifications via email for the devices you want. FWIW, I used to like and use eBay but not so much anymore after getting burned a couple of times. Cheers!


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Feb 20, 2009
Sumthin' tells me you want AT LEAST a 2015 model with a discrete GPU for 4k graphics work.

Even that may not be enough.
I'd pick a 2015 27" iMac with one of the better GPU's...
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