2011 MBA Charger Question?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ET iPhone Home, Apr 10, 2016.

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    I knocked my 2011 MBA off my bed while I asleep this morning. My MBA is fine, but the charger is in question. The magnetic piece got stuck in the port. I was going to purchase another charger altogether until I used some pliers to pull the magnetic tip off from the port to investigate. I initially thought the charger cracked into two pieces and was damaged until I noticed that the magnetic piece and that long part with the green/amber indicator portion were actually 2 parts and it came apart. I snapped the two parts together. All I did was push the magnetic tip that goes into the charge port and snapped into that long piece with the indicator light and it seems to charge just fine.

    I thought I was going to need a new MBA when I couldn't get that magnetic piece out and I really wanted to wait for the redesign (if one ever gets released). My question is, do you think the charger will hold? I was surprised that the entire part didn't just pull out like it usually does when I move my laptop around, but instead, broke into two separate parts. t need this laptop and can't be without one at work. Thanks.
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    I am a bit confused with your description, could you possibly upload a photo?
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    The plug is likely snapped together when it was made, there is no space for screws, so snapping it back in should have fixed it. If it falls out again (or is loose), put a tiny amount of super glue on the steel bit before snapping it back in. Or you can get a second charger so you have a backup and use the old one around the house.

    The plug actually doesn't have a magnet, notice how it doesn't stick to metal. The magnet is inside the computer. I doubt the steel is used for anything electrically, so it should be fine.

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