2011 MBP 15" – Radeongate GPU problem – Solutions for successful boot?


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Dec 31, 2011

First my question:
Is there a way (via terminal for example) to brute-force the MBP into using the integrated GPU for every restart? (gfxCardStatus doesn't do the trick)
Or even better: to disable the discrete GPU altogether/forever by removing certain kext files in the system folder?

Some background information:
As you might have guessed, my MBP is affected by the dreaded Radeongate GPU problem. I've sent it to a recommended & renowned independent repair centre, but they couldn't fix it. (Long story cut short: I do trust them, and they replaced the GPU 3 times with a 100% new one, but the problem persisted and in the end I got a full refund).

I've installed gfxCardStatus. And whenever I manage to do a restart on the integrated GPU, the MBP works fine. Every now and then it crashes (once a day), and I need to do a restart again. Problem: whether the MBP uses the integrated or discrete GPU upon restart seems to be pure luck....
I've tried everything: verbose mode, safe mode, reset PRAM, disconnect from mains power source, etc...

ANY kind of help is greatly appreciated! At the moment my MBP is nothing but a £1000 piece of paperweight; and I certainly won't have £400 motherboard replacement done by Apple. So I don't have anything to lose and don't mind going "deep" into the system...

Thanks a lot guys!!
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