2012 15" mbp vs new 13" mbp

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Qwerty11, Apr 17, 2016.

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Is there any configuration of a new 13" mbp that is comperable to a 2012 15" mbp in any configuration from a performance perspective?
  2. MadDane macrumors 6502a

    Apr 5, 2015
    The SSD's are much faster on the new ones. But in raw performance, the quad core processors in the 15" are still much faster.
  3. MRxROBOT, Apr 17, 2016
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    Apr 14, 2016
    There is no 2015 13" that can compare to the multi core CPU performance of the 2012 15" . Below are some comparisons drawn from base models from everymac.com

    As MadDane said, RAW CPU multi core performance of the 15" blows the 13" out of the water. The 13" is only at 60% of the 15" multi core score. The 13" leads marginally in the single core performance score with +9% and wins hands down in SSD speed with it's PCIE 2.0 x4 connection although the base 15" comes with double the standard SSD size.

    Although the 15" comes with the discrete graphics card standard, there has since been a repair program initiated for it. Not too many people here are all too happy with the way Apple handled the 2011 Radeongate issue so that may be something to consider with this model as well. I personally would stay away from the 2012 15" Macbook Pro if I were you.

    2012 15” rMBP i7 2.3 vs 2015 13” rMBP i5 2.7

    Geekbench 3 SC 2986 vs 3263

    Geekbench 3 MC 11512 vs 6938

    RAM 8GB 1600MHz vs 8GB 1866MHz

    Video Card GeForce GT650M vs Iris 6100 Integrated

    VRAM Type 1GB GDDR5 Dedicated vs 1.5GB System shared

    Standard SSD 256GB vs 128GB

    SSD Interface (6Gb/s) vs PCIE 2.0 x4


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