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Discussion in 'iMac' started by tardman91, May 8, 2013.

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    I just ordered a 27" refurb and it's coming with 8GB of RAM. I know it's got 4 slots and can go up to 32GB. I assume it's coming with 2 4GB sticks? Does that mean I can fill the other 2 slots with 4GB sticks to go to 16GB, or do I have to get 2 8GB sticks? Also, does the RAM have to match? If so I think I'd probably be able to pick up some in the forum marketplace.
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    it comes with 2x4. You can add one 4GB stick, two 4GB stick, or your desired amount of 1GB 2GB or 8GB sticks. It doesn't matter.
    Its good if they match. Rules out problems most of the time. Make sure the new ones are the same speed as the installed ones thats the important thing.
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    You can use two 4GB sticks for a total of 16GB, or two 8GB sticks for a total of 24GB. At current RAM prices there's little point in anything less than a total of 16GB. For the 2012 27" iMac the RAM should be 1600MHz with a CL of 11. A CL of 10 or 9 will work, but will slow your total memory speed to 1333MHz.

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