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Mar 19, 2011
I'm debating on buying a 2012 15" base model MBP or a 2011 15" MBP with 8gb ram and 750gb hdd. The 2011 runs around 1600 while the 2012 runs 1750.


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Aug 5, 2010
You can save a few dollars doing the ram yourself. Depending on the cpu options in each, I'd say it's most likely a negligible difference. The gpu can be a nice bump. The 650m is a respectable bump over the 6750m and 6770m. It's a huge bump over the 6490m. It could make a difference if you play games. USB3 is very nice to have if you plan to use external drives. That is only available on the 2012, because Apple was lazy. It wasn't in all notebooks last year, but it was in a huge percentage at the price range of these machines. Ivy Bridge supposedly runs a little cooler too. It's important to consider total configuration in either case. If you're a student, take advantage of it. If it was me, I'd go for the newer one at $150 difference, but it should be possible to save more than that on a 2011.
Nov 28, 2010
I'm a student, I also am a gamer. Some video editing.

Then either will do fine, though the 2012 MBP has USB 3.0, which might come in handy for cheap external HDDs to back up to.
And you can add the RAM yourself, up to 16 GB currently, and that less than that what Apple wants.

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Mar 19, 2011
What about a 2012 13" MBP with 2.9 processor and 8gb ram and 750gb hdd for 1350? Between the three MBP listed, which one should I go for.

Aaron from KY

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Aug 4, 2010
Northern Kentucky
One of the 15" models, their discrete graphics cards come in handy for gaming, the intel 4000HD graphics don't hold a candle to the 6750m or 650GT for games, especially newer games like D3, SC2, L4D2
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