2012 Chinese New Year! Big Gift From HuaXu!

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    While New Year`s bell is still reverberating in ears, Lunar New Year`s blessing is close at hand.
    To celebrate The arrival of the Lunar New Year of Dragon, HuaXu Culture Creative have a big gift for you!
    All iOS games of HuaXu Culture Creative are free from January 22 to January 25.

    We hope you all have fun playing our games!

    These free games include:

    Kung Fu Catch – An action game for you to catch money with Kung Fu. Avoid all kinds of traps and fulfill stage objectives to win.

    Castles Conqueror – A real-time strategy game with 2 different commanders, role-playing system and 100 levels.

    Crystal Dash – A new kind of match game with skills, 2 game modes and highly repeatable game experience.

    Our new game –“Angels of war” is just under way of development, stay tuned and follow us on twitter and facebook for our further news!

    HuaXu website

    HuaXu Culture Creative on iTunes store

    Facebook Fan Page

    Our Twitter
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    hey very nice game to play... interested to play....
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