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    Hey everyone, I have a mid 2012 non retina macbook pro 15" base model. Recently my battery health started showing poor and the system would shut off before reaching 0% battery (usually around 20%) I replaced the battery with an OEM battery i picked up off eBay. I installed it, charged it full, let it discharge until it put the system to sleep and recharged it to condition it. Well...the new battery started doing the same thing. When this happen the battery charge goes to 0% and has to be recharged, also when it happens battery health shows the health is only 20%, after recharging it goes back to 90% health.

    Thinking i might have gotten a defective battery, i ordered another one from a different seller. I got that one installed, did the same battery conditioning and after a few days of use it started doing the exact same thing. Only now it only drains to about 75% before the system goes to sleep and shows 0% battery.

    At this point I'm assuming there is a logic board issue or some issue other than the battery going on here. I only use OEM chargers so i know that isn't the issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Attached a current screen grab of my battery health app after it died again and another a half hour later after being on the charger again.

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