2012 cMBP review after week long corporate edit job

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by powerslave65, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. powerslave65 macrumors 6502


    Mar 21, 2011
    Sherman Oaks CA
    So I put the new 2012 cMBP through it's paces at a corporate editing gig and all I can say is this thing is bullet proof. I would be editing fcp, simultaneously copying data to and from a Lacie 2 TB usb 3 drive to other computers over a gigabit network, compressing files to wmv's and QT's while editing, burning dvd's while editing, using after effects and photshop and rarely did I have less than 5 apps running and open. The times the fan would kick in was compressing video. Amazingly and surprising for a mac was not one crash the entire week. The only issue I had was the gigabit network would slow down for no apparent reason every once in a while. Very nice machine and the SSD is just essential if you want max performance in the field. Fast media drives are without question a big help.

    There are issues with Lion and quicktime that I have not figured out yet as this is my first Lion OS computer but something aint working right.

    Specs 2012 cMBP 2.7cpu, 16g ram, 512 ssd, AG HR display, gigabit ethernet switch, to three other editors, LaCie quad interface 2 TB with usb 3.0
  2. bryne macrumors member


    Nov 12, 2010
    Los Angeles
  3. Maziar macrumors 6502

    May 22, 2010
    Classic MBP(non-retina)
  4. djmoody macrumors regular

    May 13, 2012
    I prefer nqr3gi7mbpw/ac/bto (not-quite-retina 3rd generation i7 macbook pro with apple care and was built to order)
  5. DrJohnZoidberg macrumors member

    Mar 16, 2012
    Agree 100%. My 2.6GHz cMBP arrived yesterday with the standard 5400RPM HDD. I tested it for ten minutes before installing its new 256GB Samsung 830 SSD. With the spining-platter HDD it was a nice, fast modern computer; with the SSD it is crazy fast.

    I've put an SSD in my previous notebook, and it gave it a pleasant increase in usable speed, but the difference with this new cMBP is just amazing. The old HDDs must be a real bottleneck in this 2012 Ivy Bridge cMBP (and presumably the Sandy Bridge ones too).
  6. iamthedudeman macrumors 65816

    Jul 7, 2007
    "Amazingly and surprising for a mac was not one crash the entire week."

    Not crashing is suprising for a Mac? Don't you mean suprising that it didn't crash because of the heavy work you were doing? I think you are mistaking your laptop for a windows machine.;)
  7. SR71 macrumors 68000

    Jan 12, 2011
    Boston, MA
    Agreed, in the 1year+ that I had my MacBook Air before it was stolen, I never had it crash on me once. It was an incredible machine and OS X was rock solid.
  8. jasonx2 macrumors member

    Apr 10, 2012
    The United Kingdom
    wOw,a new term
  9. powerslave65 thread starter macrumors 6502


    Mar 21, 2011
    Sherman Oaks CA
    I have always done heavy work (Video editing, Adobe, Compression, Network file access all simultaneously) so not crashing is a welcome side effect....:p
  10. Gublatz macrumors newbie

    Feb 26, 2012
    I've had my base 15" cMBP for about a week. Its crashed twice and I was forced restart it once - pop up window said I need to push the power button until of shuts down.. I was using lightroom 4 at the time. My last laptop was a Sony happened a lot.. so Im used to it. ;)
  11. ugp macrumors 65816


    Jan 7, 2008
    Inverness, Florida
    I've had mine almost a week now and love it. It was nice with the stock 5400RPM drive but with the SSD it's amazing. Very happy with my purchase and choosing it over the Retina model. Retina is just not for everyone.
  12. pepatrick macrumors member

    Nov 23, 2011
    Have had mine cMBP since Monday. This thing is solid and has not had the first problem. No retina because it stays plugged into a 27" TB display.

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  13. mikeray macrumors regular

    Jan 17, 2006
    Brooklyn, NY
  14. MacBookProzak macrumors regular

    Nov 16, 2011
    My experience in the 2 weeks that I have had the 2012 MBP that you see in my signature line has been similar to yours. I have been doing all kinds of things to try and max it out and crash it and I have not been able to crash it or get beach balls. Yep, pretty bullet proof.
  15. pepatrick macrumors member

    Nov 23, 2011
    Normally the one that is attached to the TB monitor is closed. It was running hot so i opened it for a little bit. The 2nd one has to be open to create a remote VNC connection to it. It does not have a keyboard our mouse attached to it.
  16. Dunnite macrumors newbie

    Jun 21, 2012
    San Jose
    what is that dock you have for the macbook? looks pretty sweet! where can I get one?
  17. pepatrick macrumors member

    Nov 23, 2011
    TwelveSouth Book Arc...just about any Apple store.
  18. Fortimir macrumors 6502a


    Sep 5, 2007
    Indianapolis, IN
    Haha. It's totally not a big deal and people can downvote all they want... but I'd seen a few people saying cMBP around here over the last day or two, and I thought it was a typo for rMBP.

    Really, a MacBook Pro is MBP. Period. No classic. They still make them, they just updated them, and Apple doesn't call them classic.

    And The MacBook Pro with retina should be MBPr.

    Again, just symantics and not a life-or-death argument... just my OCD for order kicking in. ;)
  19. Itzmemark macrumors member

    Mar 4, 2012
    One sweet set up I went with the retina but I'm def going to get that set up for my house I miss my 27inch iMac
  20. powerslave65 thread starter macrumors 6502


    Mar 21, 2011
    Sherman Oaks CA
    I have a fully modded 27 2010 Imac that I rolled myself...
    256 SSD boot Drive 2TB 7200 HD, esata port (did my self cost $5) 32gig ram
    and an Antiglare screen....

    With all that hot rodding I don't feel like carrying it around all over the place
    for on site gigs, so it's been retired to the office permanently.

    I wonder now if this laptop is faster?

    I also wonder If I use the Imac as a monitor can I somehow use it as a render farm while in monitor mode?

    It's getting interesting......:D

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