2012 mac mini (i5 w/ samsung 840 pro SSD) wont sleep

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    May 30, 2013
    Hi, Im a brand new user to macs (longtime windows user) and this is my first one. I installed windows onto my mac mini, and everything works great, except it wont sleep or hibernate. The power buttons/settings are as they should be to let the computer sleep when I push the power button while in windows. here's what happens:

    The computer goes to sleep, and the white light fades in and out for about 1 minute. At this point the computer wakes right back up.

    If I set it to go into hibernate, it does the exact same thing. I cannot get it to sleep/hibernate, period. I'm running windows 7 ultimate, with all windows updates current. I also installed the following applications: MS Office 2010, and Plex, that's it.

    When I got the mac, I replaced the stock 5400rpm HDD and replaced it with a Samsung 840 pro 256gb SSD. I installed the Samsung magician application and updated the firmware and settings accordingly (all green lights on the samsung app). I'm using this primarily as an HTPC and using the HDMI out, analog audio to optical audio out and the ethernet cable. I have disabled the wifi. That's all the settings I can think of, but please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know about my setup.
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    I reinstalled windows and, so far, its sleeping just like it should. So I guess whatever happened was a bad install (although I did take the flash drive that I was installing windows from, out of the mac mini during the install, which Ive always done on windows machines after windows loaded and gave that 10 second restart warning to unplug devices. The apple manual says not to do that, who knows maybe that was why this happened.)

    EDIT: So I isolated why my mac mini wasn't going to sleep: the samsung magician software interferes with the sleep function in Windows 7.

    I installed the program, the mac mini went to sleep and woke up after exactly 1 minute. I uninstalled that program, and the mac mini sleeps just fine. Mystery solved: samsung software quirk.

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