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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by -hh, Jul 31, 2012.

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    I know that this might technically belong over on the OS X / Lion forum, but this one pertains specifically to the 2012 Mac Pro, so I'm solicting input here to see if anyone's run into the same problem.

    Briefly, what I'm trying to do is to get a downloaded image of Lion, since Apple no longer includes an install DVD in the box.

    As per various documentation sources, there tends to be two recommended 'free' ways to go about getting the .DMG.

    The first is through the App Store.

    Reportedly, one needs to hold down the 'Option' key when going into purchased to make Lion visible. Nope, not there. There's some comments about deleting some various /Library/ files, but I'm not going to go there yet.

    The second is by pulling your HDD and Command-R during startup, which making the machine bootstrap up off of ROM where it then offers a couple of different options, one of which is to check the Mac's serial# and then download Lion across the Internet.

    Tried this, and the dialog suggested that my serial# was okay and started to download ... but a few minutes in, it aborts with an error message of:

    "Can't download the additional components needed to Install OS X".

    Anyone else experience this? I'm wondering if the 2012 Mac Pro is a klunge that's causing the install to fail, or if it is something that's not hardware specific.

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    Have you purchased Lion from the Store in the past? If you have, you should be able to redownload it from there.

    If you have never bought Lion in the past and just have the new 2012 mac Pro then you probably have no official channels open to you since Lion is now discontinued.

    You will therefore be looking at a second hand option.
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    Please make backups of app store installers BEFORE you apply them. Apple does not care and you save time and bandwidth.
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    Its a 2012 Mac Pro, so Lion came on the machine ... wasn't an App Store purchase.

    The (limited) good news is that I made the Up-To-Date window for a free upgrade to Mountain Lion ... but I don't really want to upgrade to ML yet, as I'm still sorting out all of my transition-to-new-hardware stuff. And I simply want a good backup copy of the OS. On Principle.


    It gets **bleeping** frustrating for Apple to (a) Not Include Media and then (b) pull the 'Obsolete' plug on OS's so quickly.

    I also see that the Lion USB Thumb drive isn't available from the Apple Store anymore either.

    I think I'll go to my local Apple Store with an empty USB drive, my purchase receipt and the screenshot that shows the download error message and if they can't accommodate, ask them how I return my <30 day old product for a FULL refund.

    So yeah, I'll go through the headaches of buying a Mac Pro 2012 again with Mountain on it, but I'll do so because Apple will lose more than the $69 for a **bleeping** USB drive on all of the shipping returns that they'll have to eat.


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