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Apr 11, 2012
Been trying to work out a few things in my head, and it's all assumptions/guesswork, for at least a few more hours, potentially days.

but assuming the new mac pro exists and has thunderbolt - how will it connect to a thunderbolt monitor? or won't it? Will the gfx cards have a thunderbolt port on them, or will the hdmi out (or whatever) be routed back internally to then be output by the actual thunderbolt port?

bleah, i need to stop thinking about things like that...

and will we start seeing gfx cards capable of supporting 27" sized retina ppi displays? Reckon they'll be on the cards within 6 months to a year!



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Dec 7, 2010
Of course it would.

However apple displays are rubbish, you're a mug if you buy one for graphics etc.;)


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Jan 17, 2008
It would connect to a thunderbolt display the same way every other mac currently connects to it.

You don't see the problem.
If the Mac Pro will run the TB and thus, display, from the graphic card, you can't output data for say peripherals through the port.

If the Mac Pro will run the display from the motherboard, you can output data but how will the GPU power be routed?

This has been a questionmark for some time and there are several threads on this.
TL;DR: We found out the technology exists for routing the GPU power through a motherboard TB port, but we will see how Apple has solved the problem soon.
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