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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by marcovortex, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I'm really hoping Apple does the following for the refresh of the MacBook Pro 13" in the coming months.
    Would be very interested to hear if other people are thinking the same way as me or think I'm off in dream land.

    2012 MacBook Pro 13"

    Drop the ODD, HDD
    Slim the case down some but not as slim as an Air to allow for high specs (compared to Air) and thermal constraints.
    Higher res screen (like current Airs or higher?) - possible anti-glare option
    Dual-core Ivy Bridge cpu (lower TDP than Quad-core; as much as I would love the have a Quad I think it will need to remain Dual) and that might allow whats next..
    Nvidia GeForece GT 640M (Kelper) - While that might seem like a stretch at first please keep in mind if the thermals are lowered going from Sandy bridge to Ivy in the cpu department, with Kepler gpus have moved down to 28nm from 40nm which should result in lower power use/heat output, and if Apple leaves extra room for more cooling due to HDD and ODD being dropped.. it just might work/happen.
    I can see the GPU being dropped if Apple decides to slim it down more like an Air but if they just trim it down a bit, I think they might finally get a dedicated GPU in their 13".

    That's my dream machine. Thoughts?
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