2012 MBP Poll: how would you like Apple to do its mSATA ssds?

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Which mSATA port configuration?


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  2. 2x Standard mSATA

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  3. 1x GUMSTICK mSATA OR up to 2x Standard mSATA

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  1. macuser2134 macrumors member

    Feb 15, 2012
    Hi Guys!

    I'm not suggesting anything that Apple will actually do any of this. Its all complete speculation until we have some solid rumors. But if it is to happen at all....

    Then how would you (the consumer) ideally like to see Apple implementing its mSATA SSD drives / mSATA ports? There are a number of options.

    As the thread - starter. I'd like to kick off by explain my own preferred idea too. Please see / vote with the poll options above ^^.

    Also to be realistic. Bear in mind that given the way Apple has already adopted mSATA in the Macbook Air - its likely that any such mSATA slot for the 2012 Macbook Pro would very be similar. Nevertheless I believe discussion about such mSATA configurations remains useful if only to compare the Apple's choices to competing notebook manufacturers (Leveno, Dell, etc) who are likely to make notebooks in 2012 like this.
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    Feb 15, 2012
    mSATA SSDs available in 2012

    First off - the mSATA SSD:

    1. Samsung PM-830 (2012)


    http://www.samsung.com/us/business/oem-solutions/pdfs/PM830_mSATA SSD_32_64_128_256GB_Spec_1.0.pdf


    2. Crucial m4 - mSATA (2012)



    3. Macbook Air "Gumstick" SSDs (2010-2011)

    a. Samsung PM810 - custom Apple OEM Samsung 470
    b. Toshiba Apple Gumstick SSD - details not known

    These extra - long form factor SSDs are very familiar now. But they are not confirming to the Standard mSATA size / form factor / dimensions. Apple get manufacturers to make these extra length custom SSDs to fit more NAND dies onto the stick = cheaper or twice the capacity.

    4. Updated Gumstick SSDs (2012+)

    It would make a lot of sense for Apple to get their suppliers to update their gumstick SSDs for 2012. Notably an extra-long Samsung PM-830. So:

    4.a. Samsung PM-830 Extra-long (Macbook Air gumstick SSD) / OEM.

    5. Other Third-Party mSATA SSDs

    These are usually (almost always) with a SandForce controller. Eg the OWC Mercury Pro Extreme. Or the OCZ Nocti and many others. Apart from the OWC drives, they are not really as good as choices 1-4, at least for use in a Macbook Pro. SandForce isn't recommended if you want the option to turn on Apple's FileVault2 disk encryption.
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    Feb 15, 2012
    Poll Choice 3 - explanation

    Here is a mockup to show the Poll choice number 3 (1x Gumstick OR 2x Standard mSATA)


    The laptop in question would have 2 6GBPs mSATA 3 slots put facing each other with a big gap in-between.

    I haven't drawn on mounting holes for a gumsstick SSD, but I have kindda assumed that they would not conflict with the screw holes for the 2 standard length mSATA cards as shown. That way, it would be safe to mount either type of mSATA SSDs inside your laptop without any worries.

    There is an extra BOM cost for Apple to include a 2nd mSATA port connector. However its probably worth it to let users install 2 standard-sized mSATA SSD drives at the same time. This personally is my preferred choice because it makes best use of the premium space inside the laptop.

    The final polling option is for 2x GUMSTICK. This could alternatively take 1xGumstick + 1x Standard, or just 2 Standard length when upgrading. Bearing in mind the inevitable up to 50% wasted space with slots not fully occupied.

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