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Oct 15, 2005
The Paps of Glenn Close, Scotland.
I bagged a server model at the w/e, seems like they're flooding the store with them now as loads in the UK store again tonight/this morning, hopefully all good news for next week as the mini is exactly what I'd want in a revamped Apple TV, hence why it's not getting unboxed till next tuesday!


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Jul 5, 2004
Which store? There isn't 1 global Apple store.. Stocks differ greatly depending on country.


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Apr 20, 2007
As someone ignorant about the mac mini, why would there be excitement over models 3 years old? Wouldn't the current model be best? Or are they somehow inferior to the 2012?


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Sep 21, 2010
The 2012 models have better upgrade ability as far as internal components. Some would call the 2014 models inferior in that regard.

Same with the Mac Pro, many consider the 2009-2012 better than the 2013 due to the PCIe slots and drive bays.

What a sad state of affairs for Apple fans that like upgradeable computers. We clearly represent the past.
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Sep 8, 2011
What a sad state of affairs for Apple fans that like upgradeable computers. We clearly represent the past.

With the amount of amatuers here convincing people to not even do the simple hard drive upgrade, in favor of using a USB3 drive, I'm not surprised. Maybe it's true that mac fans have no interest in tinkering anymore. It is a sad state of affairs. Looks like we got the Mac Mini the community deserves in 2014.
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Dark Void

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Jun 1, 2011
Just thought I would mention that if anyone has been on the fence about getting one of these then I would say go for it. I have a late 2012 base model (2.5 GHz i5) that I got brand new a few months before the refresh of these systems on sale for $500 at a local electronics store. They are great upgradable units with a solid amount of connectivity and a portable design. I currently use my i5 as my daily desktop computer with an 8GB RAM upgrade and plan to run through the mechanical stock drive until it's time to upgrade with a SSD and repurpose the stock drive as an external.

These machines are great, they are very cool and quiet (even with the mechanical drive) and can accomplish much with all of the connectivity and expandability. You can even purchase a kit from OWC to install a second HDD in these little units for storage or even a RAID setup if you can get it working.

I wanted to posted this because I was on the fence years ago of whether or not to purchase one of these. I don't see any at the moment on the Refurbished/Clearance outlet, but if you have been considering a Mac Mini and another 2012 model pops up on there, I wouldn't hesitate to grab it. The 2014 models have an identical design on the outside, but it is what is on the inside that matters, and the new lower price point on those models is all smoke and mirrors due to soldered RAM modules.

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Jan 11, 2012
Eastern CT
I own a 2012 Mac mini, excellent machines! I'll see if I can grab another :)

I'm a huge fan of my late 2012 Mac Mini. Does anyone know where I can get copies of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote that will run on my 2007 Mac Mini running Snow Leopard? The Mac App store doesn't seem to offer older versions of Apps like the iOS App Store does.


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Sep 8, 2011
I am surprised that the 2.3 Ghz i7 is still there. Has the demand for 2012 quad-core minis finally peaked?

I think the fact it's $830 is a bit absurd, and likely the reason it's still in stock. Considering the non-Server version was $590 refurbished. $240 seems like a bad deal for an extra spinner hard drive and 4GB more of RAM.
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