2012 Pro Logic Board Fried, Fix, Buy New/Refurbished?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Pinkstiletto66, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Hi. So I really miss using a Mac. I am not a fan of windows 8 on the current computer I'm using (borrowing familiar member's.) So in the summer last year my 2012 pro got liquid damaged. A very small amount fell in the vent above the keyboard where you close the computer. I was surprised but nonetheless it destroyed my comp. I took it to an apple approved apple repair, as well as the Apple store. Apple was charging about $750, and the other place, which did a full work up was charging $800 ish.

    The diagnosis said I will need a new logic board first, for it to even come on, and I don't remember if the guy mentioned a new battery. He did say that it's still possible things can pop in the future which is to be expected. The plus with fixing it at Apple is not only the one year guarantee, but I feel that if anything were to pop up after fixing it, I stand a better chance customer service was as opposed to an outside repair place. Also, I felt the computer was rather slow as a brand new computer compared to my old computer, but I dealt with it. Does anyone know if fixing it completely would maybe help the slowness.

    I was thinking of taking it for a diagnostic to either Tekserve or another shop that's suppose to be good in NYC. I will eventually want to fix it in the future but perhaps for a cheaper price if I can get it. So I've been thinking to either...

    1. Fix it now at Tekserve, then get an air in the future.

    2. Buy a refurbished air from 2013, fix the pro whenever.

    3. Wait in June/July for a new Air to come out, hopefully the 12 inches.

    So in short is $750 too much to fix a 2012 Pro (I do believe Apple charges the same price regardless of year.)
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    Jun 21, 2012
    See how much the outside repair shop would charge you and accordingly buy a new air later. My girl friends mac had its logic board die on her and it was outside 1year warranty no apple care, she was told $850 for a new board. Since that was alot i gave it to a repair shop which does chip level work, its been running without an issue since 3 years now cost to fix it? $170 there were a couple of chips which were not functioning.

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