2013 MacBook Pro Redesign


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Feb 2, 2012
If it doesn't have at least two fleshlights, there is no way I am buying one. Professional users these days need at least two flesh lights. Apple has completely forgotten about the "Pro" in Macbook Pro. Cutting a fleshlight for a little weight drop is not Pro. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING APPLE? Time to go buy an Acer. They will have FOUR fleshlights. Get your act together Cook.

The New MacBook

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Jun 20, 2012
I am waiting for the 2013 redesign or the 2015 redesign. I want a bigger performance jump with Haswell chips, 512GB SSD standard, Sharp IGZO screens, a better graphics processor, and software compatible with 2800x1800 resolution not just pixel density that doesn't make everything look really small. I also want some futuristic battery with very fast recharge time.

I'm not sure if it is worth waiting for Skylake, but I definitely will wait at least until Haswell.

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