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Discussion in 'iMac' started by roadkill401, May 10, 2016.

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    Jan 11, 2015
    This is my first iMac and it has had persistant problems since I have got it. I have been told by Apple that everything is software related so I just have to live with the issues, even though what is going wrong doesn't seem to effect many or any one else.

    So last night I decided to watch some TV shows that I have recorded off HDTV on my iMac. So I put on my headphones and went full screen and along the right side of the screen where many icons have been parked, I you could see the ghost of them on the screen. Things that were white glowed on the screen as if you were seeing through the video. Sadly that includes my network drives and the text titles for each of them.

    I have read this is image persistance. I have AppleCare so is it worth driving over to the Apple Store to get it fixed. How long does it take for a screen to be replaced by Apple? Am I going to introduce new problems if I get this done?

    I have read posts here that the screen issues are known to Apple and its not a matter of if but when the screen will go wrong. Should I just be trying to minimize anything white on my screen that is stationary? is it something that I am doing wrong or just the way that it is. The iMac gets used daily but I mostly try and shut off the screen when not using it. I don't turn the iMac off.

    Any help of suggestions would be appreciated. It is my 'lemon' iMac telling me it needs to be replaced.
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    Definitely, if the iMac is not functioning to your satisfaction, then go and get it repaired, that is exactly why you have Applecare

    Probably a couple of weeks, if they have to send the Mac in for the actual repair.
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    If it bothers you and you can prove the issue exists, yes. I recommend taking a photo of the ghosting in with you.

    Keep in mind the image persistence could simply come back on the new display, like it did for me. Just take it in again if that happens, and if it keeps happening Apple will eventually make it right and replace your iMac with a new one.
    About a week in my experience. Like mentioned above, they do have to send it in for the repair.
    It's always possible, but unlikely. Apple uses new parts and experienced technicians.

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