2014 iMac 5K not playing nice with external devices

Discussion in 'iMac' started by roadkill401, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Jan 11, 2015
    I don't know if this iMac is on its way out or just not playing nice with any of my external devices.

    I bought this unit just over 1 year ago but have the AppleCare on it. The unit has had issues from day one but I was told this was just software and setup issues and persevere. Over the past month it has been into the Apple Store with issues like the Keyboard dropping (ended up giving up that fight and just bought a USB apple keyboard). The unit would not boot at home, but fine at the apple store. turned out it didn't like the AudioEngineD1 headphone DAC plugged in anymore to startup.

    Today it decided that it doesn't like my Inateck USB3 drive case to have Windows10 installed on an external drive. Worked fine for about 5 weeks then just decided it wouldn't work right any more. It allowed you to press the Option key and will show the boot option for Windows, but when you select it, the iMac screen just goes black and won't go any further. I tried moving the drive from that case to a NexStar USB3 drive dock. The boot process worked for a bit. (I tried it a couple of times then played my Fallout4 game for an hour or so). Booted back into OSX and the screen just went back and hung. Tried rebooting with Option and got the same black screen. Tried the reset NVRAM and that reset but still the back screen. Phoned Apple and they had me try some other things then suggested I take it back to the Apple Store.

    Rang off the phone with them, and thought just as a try, unplugged everything and plugged the usb keyboard into the back (it was on a usb3 powered hub). Machine boots fine. As soon as I plug either of the UB3 drive bay the machine just won't boot. Apples responce is that they just don't support non apple products plugged into the unit.

    I do have a Thunderbolt Lacie drive that seems to work fine with the Mac. Right now I can't leave my headphone DAC plugged in. My USB3 hub seems to intermittently stop the machine from booting. I can't boot into bootcamp on an external drive. Should I stamp shout and scream at the Apple Store and demand they test the USB devices on a different iMac and if they work then this iMac is defective??

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    Maybe similar thing with my late 2015 iMac 5K. It routinely disconnects my Seagate 1.5tb HD. It's incredibly annoying. Not sure if that would be the same issue though.

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