2014 Macbook Pro wont turn on at all, but magsafe flickers for SMC Reset


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Jun 14, 2008
Sorry if repetitive thread but in need of help with some self diagnose during the pandemic.
My Apple Store is closed because Florida is a hot COVID Mess.

After a couple weeks without use my 2014 15.4" macbook pro wont turn on at all, no signs of fan noise, screen flickering nor anything.

Have tried a variety of web recommend key presses, only one that seems to do anything is an SMC reset with the power cord... When doing this upon releasing the keys the magsafe briefly changes from amber to green, then back to amber, which makes me think there's some sort of hope. However still doesn't turn on after.

I have also opened up the laptop, unplugged the battery from logic board, and removed the hard drive for about five minutes, plugged them back in to same results.

Worth noting for however long I keep the charger plugged in (multiple ones) it will not turn green at all indicating a fully charged battery.

Any Macrumors recommendations on what to do? Could it be a dead battery?
If I unplug the battery from logic board) and plug the magsafe in would it work at all or do more damage? Haven't wanted to try it out
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