2014 rMBP15 nVidia/Iris vs. i970/AMD openCL/GL real life performance test

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by pcconvert, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. pcconvert macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2008
    I recently bought new 2014 rMBP15 with 2.8gHz and GT750m upgrades. With amazing deals on those laptops I am debating the need for GT750M as BH sells 2.2 IrisPro for $1700 which is like $1000 less then my configuration. And to consider whether to keep it or not I put it through some real life tests. It lead me to some interesting findings of components importance for overall performance of the system. And give something back to community where I get so many information from.

    Test rats:
    2009 i970@3.84GHz OC'd, RAM DDR3 24GB@1600MHz OC'd, Radeon 6870 1GB, Samsung 840 SSD
    2014 rMBP15 2.8Ghz, RAM DDR3 16GB@1600MHz, 512GB PCI-E SSD using:
    - IrisPro only
    - GT750M only

    Test task:
    - merge 9 TIFF images @ 128MB each into 360 panorama in AutoPano Giga 3 and render as full sphere 360x180 panorama
    - content-aware fill of top black part of panorama of 630MB in size in PS6 (I shoot 360 in hand without nadir and bottom)

    And here is the interesting piece:
    	hack	dgpu	iris pro
    render1	1:05	1:29	1:24
    render2	1:55	2:18	2:15
    PS6fill	1:09	58	58
    Render1 is actual rendering time, Render2 includes 'writing file' time which I think corresponds with Geekbench performance numbers.

    Scratching my head seeing the times I put the machines to syntetic tests of Cinebench R15 and Geekbench 2.1

    Cinebench OpenGL test:
    Hack/AMD - 72
    rMBP/GT750m - 58
    rMBP/IrisPro - 36

    Geekbench 2.1 - overall/integer/floating/memory/mem bandwidth
    Hack - 11800/9646/19030/6062/5511
    rMBP - 15172/11900/23409/8845/10452

    OpenCL test Luxmark 2.1
    Radeon - 620
    IrisPro - ~600
    GT750M - ~140
    (I am pulling Iris and GT numbers from my memory)

    Based on synthetic benchmark my 5 year old hack should have been destroyed in this test - yet the real life performance of procedures which matter in my workflow shows the opposite. And the point of having dGPU in MBP when there is IrisPro - no idea. At least not when I consider productivity apps in OSX environment.

    Off course, Hack's memory is slow and it shows in the writing portion of render test. But still I am quite surprised to see that the actual render time is so much faster on old desktop class GPU. Or is it because the Hack's cores are running @3.84 at full throttle while rMBP cores might go at 2.8 at best? And that Photoshop time wasn't that much different. No matter what GPU was used. Interesting.

  2. MikeVera macrumors regular

    May 5, 2014
    Gaming (especially higher resolution games that make use of the dedicated video memory, which is more than the Iris pro's 128mb of eDRAM), as well as CUDA optimized applications will run better.

    But you're right. Iris Pro is pretty awesome.
  3. pcconvert thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2008
    That's the point, the CUDA support. I was expecting Photoshop benefit from it quite a bit but it looks like that CUDA power in GT750m is not greater then OpenCL in Iris Pro. The autofill time are about the same for all three configurations...

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