2015 Early MBA - USB Issue


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Apr 17, 2004
Hi all,

I've been trying to charge my phone with my MBA, but when its plugged in it'll start charging, disconnect, charge, disconnect, back and forth. macOS installed an update for the iPhone so it mounts, but when mounting it mounts, disconnects, mounts, disconnects, etc. over and over. I'm not sure if the USB ports are faulty, if its an update, or what else it could be. I'm going to install the newest update of Catalina and probably try a PSU reset. Any other thoughts or ideas?



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Sep 22, 2019
I'd try CMD+R+OPT+P. If that doesn't work there is an issue with the USB voltage out, which could tell of other issues. Will a thumb drive mount and allow data to be transferred? Also, make sure to try other cables and as always, use Apple cables.


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Sep 27, 2010
impecable timing... i created this thread a few days ago:

Same thing. I don't have a diagnosis yet. I think it's the usb ports. It doesn't happen consistently. As a reply in my thread suggested, it could be a dirty port. I've wiped both my usb ports, which weren't dirty to begin with.

We'll see.

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