2015 iMac Sale


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Mar 31, 2012
Edmond, OK
Looking for the easiest, best place to try and sell a 2015 iMac. I try to take care of my mac, so it's not a piece of junk. Don't want to deal with sleaze bag companies.

Places other the fleabay?


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Feb 10, 2019
I recently bought a late 2015 iMac on eBay. Sold a late 2013 iMac on Craigslist. Both 21.5” units. Why do you dislike eBay? Why sell the iMac at all if it’s working well?


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Feb 4, 2014
Actually I would do all of the above; MacRumors marketplace, CL, Reddit, Let Go, and that facebook yard sales website.

With an iMac that is easily damaged when shipped, I would try to stick to local.

Just be carefull how you setup your accounts, consider making a gmail email just for selling. I only left out ebay because they get a piece of it and its binding once you put it up for bid.

I will list things on all those sites at the same time and old CL seems to sell the item almost every time. I always assume the worse from CL, but did get a good deal on an iMac for min and my parents iMac's.