2015 MacBook: first gen MBA all over again, Apple?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jmazzamj, Mar 12, 2015.

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    January 15, 2008. Steve Jobs was on stage.

    "There's something in the Air". "In a sentence, it's the world's thinnest notebook".

    The MacBook Air was introduced, it reshaped the concept of ultraportable.
    Razor thin profile, built-in battery, no optical disc and one single port, just like the new MacBook. Similarities don't end there, it also had a very low end custom designed processor (which core M is not) but it did have a fan, a very loud one :D

    It was available in two configurations as well, SLOW SSD was an option and it was very expensive ($1,800-$3100).

    What do you guys think? Will the new MacBook become the new mainstream Apple laptop that the second generation Airs now are? Will Apple realise one port is not enough and expand the MacBook line just like they did with current Airs? More importantly: Why didn't Apple LEARN from their mistakes?? :confused:

    I think this is an interesting topic (of speculation :D), so let the comments flow!!
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    Oh well, it looks like you are the only one...
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    Yes. They're using the same strategy, and I completely believe the rMB will follow the same path that the MBA did.

    They probably already know it's not enough.

    I would hardly say the MBA was a mistake. They got it out as a "proof of concept", to kick the competition out, and test the market. And it worked. Looking at where it is now, and where it was two years ago, it absolutely worked.

    When you get a new product, one that you want to lead your company to a new direction, you take risks, and you can't get the perfect product right away. It's always incremental. This is a stepstone.

    They learned from the MBA success.
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    No, I think it's the likely path.
  6. Serban, Mar 13, 2015
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    The MBA was the definition of todays standards, like the new macbook will be the definition of 2017 standards.

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